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You ran away from me
and left me shattered like broken glass,
Go my love !, I'd set you free
and let me be shattered like broken glass..

My dreams were made of glass , so did your love,
which cut my hand and feet, you killed the man inside me
and broke me piece by piece
and left me shattered like broken glass..

Yes I am broken glass lying on floor , where nobody wants to walk,
when you stepped out of door ,and left me shattered like broken glass..

Yeah ! I am broken , sharp and dry,
Nobody can fix me , not matter how hard they try ,
because I want to be like this
broken and shattared like broken glass..

They want to bring me someone here in this wastland ,
hoping that it would make any difference,
but what they dont know is I am hearless with no sence ,
All I am is shattered broken glass..
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Just amazing!!!
Each and every line added beauty to your poem!!!!  Loved it sooooooo much!!
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Thanks alot Pranayee .. :)
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very well penned...
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Thanks Gurjyot bhai.
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There is a lot of strength in your words and with some of them you really nailed it on emotion, yet in some parts it feels a bit weak, loses its flow.  In some some ways it is shattered like broken glass.  Thumb up for it!
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Thanks Shadow, you are the reason I keep writing. :)
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loved the way you used the words....great!
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Thanks alot Priya..

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