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The Beginning Of The End


A swarm of bees
insects, butterfly's & snakes
Left helpless again down on my knees
To digest hate into loves reality

It all started with an apple in the garden
the Eve was suddenly deceived
Blinded by the fatal cost of sin
now where do I even begin

A seed was dropped out of a farmer's bag
in time the roots spring forth out of the fertile soil
For the birds of the air flocked overhead
look at the swan in the pond

Searching for food in it's beak
start to turn over a brand new leaf
We can learn a lot from nature's beckoning call
a shadow of sweet decorum

We lie in silence burning the midnight oil
sometimes it takes to long for water to boil
Today there's lines being drawn in the sand
we will be ready to live & understand

The beginning of the end
try to turn around and understand
Be captivated by the way that you feel
perhaps a love embrace will seal the deal

Life is spent when your busy making other plans
look above to the heavenly love
Hopefully everyone will understand

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well penned....
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very well written...

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