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You watch as I rot inside my cage
getting lost in a purple haze
Like a mouse stuck in it's maze
wake up late to one of those days

Let's look deep inside
we have nothing to hide
Sidewalks filled with heads
the sought corruption of the walking dead

pillars, columns & staircases
We leave a lasting trace
spread out upon are Peyton Place
You must walk in the almighty's ways

creatures, features & moonlight dealers
Blood soaked skin on their brow
lines formed in their face
Viscous long hanging fangs that bite

Creatures of the night
fallen demonic members that surround
Sound the alarm
not for the faint in hearted

One must humbly bow the knee to pray
the atheist would insist it aught not be this way
Shadows break forth toward a bond of revolt
others seek vengeance and take you to court

Evil minds that plug destruction
torturing their brain washed minds
Satan laughing spreads his wings
a challenge to be free is a question of time

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nice composition
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Nice work!!!!
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great compo.......
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superb lines...

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