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(This poem is completely based on an interview published in The Telegraph in January 2015, titled as 'Glamour, glitter and shades of grey' where Metro interviewed Bengal's first Cabaret Dancer, Ms. Arati Das or Miss Shefali on the occassion of her autobiographical book launch, 'Sondhya Rater Shefali". On this auspicious day, I don't think anything could be better than owing this poem as a tribute to the first women who was bold enough to be the change. The poem is hence titled as: "BE BOLD FOR CHANGE")

"Did you ever think you would write one?"
"No, but I believe the story is a readable one."
"Why the darkest secrets of your privacy?"
"They rebuke publicly but the journey wasn't easy."

"What made you think to scribble this piece?"
"The rumor is half-truth, the rest is the piece."
"Do you imagine being there as the Cabaret dancer?"
"Park Street isn't glamorous anymore for this dancer."

"Why didn't you flee then with the saviour, Robin?"
"Was foolish, thought family was dependent on this ravage Robin."

"Rebellious, they say, does that hurt you today?"
"Oh, they also named me Helen of Bengal yesterday!"
"Skimpy, showy what about those words Ms. Arati?"
"Encroached at 12, an artiste at 13, I'm Miss Shefali."

©® Subhajit Sanyal

Formats : Dialogue Poetry infused in Roseate Sonnet.
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Bhai I always like u n ur creation,stay blessed
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Thanks Dada :)

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