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come to my place

we will prepare posters

write slogans

make speeches

write in the papers

we will deconstruct

every layer of patriarchy

and obstruct every

path to misogyny

we will go door to door

persuade people

to unchain the women

from the shackles of domesticity

we will save women

from the clutches of oppression

and after a long day at work

we will come home

you will prepare tea

while i take a bath

you will prepare dinner

as i sit on my couch and relax

and then i will sleep

dreaming of women's emancipation

while you weep in silence

bound by the very chains

of oppression and domination

that we were supposed to break
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Nice thought!!!
Good one!
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thanks a lot mam!!
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really nice....thoughtful one
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thanks a lot !!

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