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hoarding your vibes,
conflates my imagination,
liberates my mind and soul.
your sight gives melody to my song.
some kind of sanguine attraction,
some kind of divine intervention.
your presence on streets,
like sign of a semi charmed god.
modesty is what is renowned.
modestly you surmise yourself;
i garner courage and affirm faith,
to jot down about the muse
and the virtual date.
this time you turn your eye away.
when they meet mine, unlike before.
evidence of the last nights rancor.
when a soubrette submitted,
to the calls of a demon.
restricted between the points of commute.
soubrette timidly, rearranges her composure.
checks if there's anything she exposes.
hoarding soubrettes' vibes today.
deflates my imagination.
confiscates my mind and soul.
my flute today plays a sad song.
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really nicely composed....
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Thank you Ritika :)

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