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When the winds blow
We feel the smell of freedom so
Path of hate and pricks
But track of love and flowers hits

Eyes are filled with emotions
When we hear the name of our fighters
Power comes to heart
When we listen our historic deeds

We aim to become
Illuminate the light of hearts
Change ordinance to break
Bondages from this world for forever

Ocean is ambitious towards its dreams
To maintain the valley of our surroundings
We, we are still, feeble
Time is moving and still we are living in dreams

We believe to dwell in our passions
To fulfill our desires
And grow for our livelihood
But some grow for their liberty

Love only for family, friends
Why not for country
Devotion, dedication, dazzle to oneself
But not for all our nation why???

The boys are as free as birds
girls are still in jails of bias
Everything is common but
The distinction of girls and boys not gonna change yet

Thousands of hum we found
But still peace is hard to find
Cultures can be seen all over the country
Except in the people hearts

Black can be called as sect
And ‘real’ is that couldn’t be enclosed by anyone
Magic is visible somewhere
And miracles given the name of black

Teachings for others, lesson for poors
And stupidity is only for the rich
Vanity in the hands of wealthy
Abusing is only for the needy

Nobility sets of gentlemen
Complement given to refinds
Races only classified for the poor
Gloom lies only in the destiny of poors

Hindi can be spoken
But never be honored
Hindi can be written for their purpose
But never for our country’s favour

A time ago vows were fulfilled at any cost
A time ago enemies admitted their misdoings
But, presentably none accepting the shortcomings
And everyone trying to fulfill their motives

©®Ritika Gusaiwal
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very well written... time has surely changed a lot...
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thanks a lot..bhaiya :):)

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