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A climax is a climax no matter what you say since it’s a climax

Climax of the volcanic eruption on the island, inhabitants are incinerated

Climax of the peace deal after decades of talk, no more African slaughter

Climax of the sex agreement by hooker and client, both part whacked but satisfied

Climax of the Yule cake production in the bakery, intense workers food fight time

Climax of the car’s spray painting to mint it up, time for its penultimate test drive

Climax of the kids playing make believe serial killers, time to watch Playschool

Climax of the bus ride into town on a busy shopping day, let’s grab a quick pint

Climax of the milkman doing his round on the estate, off for a quick shag with Mrs Giles

Climax of the drugged up elephant squashing his handler, followed by his entire family

Climax of the football match where your side lost, though not in hooliganism

Climax of the oil exploration drilling for extra revenue, hidden fault line will rupture

Climax of the lost seagull flying over the river at night, soon to collide with a drone

Climax of the cop anally truncheoning the immigrant, before it ignites a riot

Climax of the shipbuilder finishing a battleship behemoth, to sink Soviet ships

Climax of the miner exhausting the easiest coal seam, before redundancy and the dole

Climax of the dictator personally signing ten thousand death warrants, a fun day’s work

Climax of the flower pickers filling their baskets for the market, time to **** by the river

Climax of the rat catcher trapping a hundred fat rats by poison, till one bites his pinky

Climax of the hippy girl happily singing her honey melodies, while her stalker waits

Climax of the American smart bomb hitting Daesh’s Syria HQ, peace reins for a day

Climax of the biker doing a ton on his bog standard 125, before he’s abducted by grays

Climax of the traffic warden ticketing three hundred vehicles, earning a nice fat bonus

Climax of the conman ripping off the meek woman once too often, conman gets knifed

Climax of the politicians driving the poor beyond destitution and pity, revolution sparks

Climax of the golfer being struck by lighting and burnt to ash, Tiger Woods finally kaput

Climax of the Iranian shoplifter stealing a Jewess’ handbag, guillotine time on a hand

Climax of the arms factory fulfilling its missile order ahead of time, war begins in an hour

Climax of the gangster ripping off and shooting a London drug gang, no Class A for now

Climax of the railroad builders finally linking two capital cities, commuting becomes calm

Climax of the human race enjoying new bloodlust in new wars, no more chances

Climax of the finite creation of God because He’s bored, obliterating what He created

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