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You shall like a talkative girl,
but expect your girlfriend to be economical with words?
You can dream about a beautiful girl,
but in reality you won't understand the beauty of her heart.
You can love to enjoy freedom, doing things you wish to
but treat a fun loving girl as a crazy one !
You expect your dream girl to be open minded,
but you find her weird if she is frank !
you may have multiple crushes,
but expect your girl to have no past?
You support feminism in front of the world,
but when it comes to you, you wanna have the whle control!
You'll always want a girl,who'll hold your hand forever,
but it's okay for you ,if you don't have time for her !
You may find a friendly person lovely
but you can't Heart-fully love them in reality.
When you want a person to think emotionally,
but wanted the same one to act practically,
In this case you can never find the girl of your dreams !
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Thank you so much ritu :)
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lovely poem...
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Thanks a lot... :)

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