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Some people don't know the meaning of Love,
they don't know the spontaneous power of its flow.
Love is a divine gift for all of us,
but people play with it & break the trust.
They play with hearts as are playing any game,
hurting the innocent people is their only aim.
They don't know the depth and purity of love,
even don't realize its fragility is like a dove.
Their feelings are not pious for their companion,
they play with hearts as it is a right by 'GOD' given to them.
They carry heart filled with dishonesty & Lust,
whenever they feel fed up they break the Trust.
They don't realize the pain of their partner, someday they will realize it when they will be ditched by other.

By: Sheetal Pandita
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well said...
reflect todays love....
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Thanks a lot for your comment dear Ritika ☺
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Very nicely said the pain of love....
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Thanks a lot Mr Chinmay Ganvit
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beautiful poem...
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Thanku so much Mr gurjyot_singh ☺
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lovely piece
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Thanks dear

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