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Hold me not
In quintals of promises
That can only gift me dreams
Create a flimsy bubble of joy,
For a moment as long as a winter,
Put me in a stargaze
Of beauteous entities
And land me in a fool's paradise,
Where I have longed to stay
And on one fine day, will drop me down
Will thaw me from my fantasy
And burst that bubble open
Spew me out from the envision
As if I'm a wastage
Or an excess undigested...

Tie me not in those tangles
I'm no bird that you shall cage,
It's a pertinence, not a mere infatuation
That will escape from the window
Of your breath, your mind and heart.
It's a bond, you mark or not
Of togetherness, a unique kinship
Not a business deal
That is made and broken everyday.

Freedom is a delicate avis
A mere disturbance, and it flies away
Do I need to explain?
Please, don't coerce it into indifferent woes,
Don't push this relation to vows
And thrust with heavyweight of oaths,
Of commitments and compromises.
Just one thing, do ensure
That you engage in a healthy liaison
With me or others, in any form
And hold to that bond till death
Only that can augur of a future
Filled with the wine of ecstasy,
Only that can keep us together
For forever and ever again.

©® Subhajit Sanyal
All Rights Reserved
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This is beautifully crafted with perfect emotions and words! Bravo! You are the winner, I'm sure!
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Thanks Mamoni, humbled!
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too good dear
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Thank You Dear

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