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You dip every single bit of myself
Into your caressing, your unique adulation.

I can smell that evergrowing affection
As you smudge your hands in the baking
Pouring the hot chocolate soup into the thinnest tart
As you bake a teddy-shaped cookie and embellish it with cream
I can feel the joy you have in presenting
A breathtaking delicacy, for awestruck expressions you keep waiting.

You immerse me in your sinful coy
Deeper into the silent caressing of your eyes.

Why should we opt for vague expressions?
They never make it up to our expectations!

But can you ever deny how the tiniest of petals
Can make you overjoyed, your lips do the talking
Your skin transfers the feelings that you try to conceal
Togetherness, who knows if that's what we have wanted?!
Even the trivial autumn leaflet, collected in a scrapbook
Has made you laugh and admire, has made you feel elated...

And now, ahoy! You bake the best of cakes
And darkest lava oozes out of its freshness,
The forks keep gossiping as we exchange bits of bakery
And the teddy cookie in pieces fulfill the missing taste we were searching...

Tell me, don't you feel it? This is heaven indeed!
And us, the golden sphere, flies with wings of a divine adulation.

©® Subhajit
All Rights Reserved
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Lovely ! Each and every feeling of togetherness baked to perfection.
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Thanks Mam :D

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