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I live with your propositions
That adorn my walls
The timeline of my present
Activity log of my past,
Where some sweet memories transcend
And keep haunting me
Notify me always
That I am not single
Not ready to mingle...

Then why am I not happy
Why does something keep pricking
My hands and my lungs,
My heart and my eyes
Putting me in discomfort
In perplexed sentiments
Why am I gloomed
Even in these romantic days?

Yes, I do relive everyday
When memories ping in my inbox
And I am tagged into a future
Of diamonds, cards and proposals
Do they really take away my breath
Steal my sight, make me crazy?
I keep pondering and wondering
Lingering the lost essence
Of dried roses and yellow letters
Of cute black and white portraits
Do I still feel empty?
Am I still living an old age??

And now... you propose to me once again
With a flawless rose and share few moments
Time that I can qualify as ours
And I rewind that old tape
Where I had recorded our memories...
I repeat the same action once again.

©® Subhajit
All Rights Reserved
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beautiful poem...
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Thank you very much!

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