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That's what I call eyecandy,
Supple and seductive,
When you aren't adorned at all
With fragile, glossy glamour
Baked in the insane oven
Of the sly, meekest ego
covered with unappealing colours
That don't make you resonate
The humour of spring
And its subliminal melody.

That's all I see
When you stand in your complexion
Be it fair, be it dark
Be it dazzling or a suppressed taft
You amaze me everyday
As the morning's rose
Drenched in midnight dew
And kissed by honey bees,
Its golden glow, Aurora!
Its red red richness, its passion
When it kisses your bodice
Adorns your body...
You become one with the earth
itself, the original beauty.

That's what I call
Blood warming, fire breathing
When your loveliness increases
In your pink pink blushes
Turned on your melarto cheeks
Pecked by the red lush
Of love, its ripples
In the calmest of ocean,
As you conceive the sun
In your aura and brightness.

That's all I have seen
That blissful rose of my heart,
Unlike the sunshine in eyes,
Unlike all beautiful beasts
Of Nature's craftsmanship
Its mastery, its excellence.
I have seen the homily glory
Of a divine whirlpool of emotions
Of the simplest puzzle, messy curls
Suffusing the collyrium of cosmos
In your hypnotic eyes,
And in your unmasked beauty
The shy eternal rose hides.

©® Subhajit
2:38 pm
All Rights Reserved
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beautiful expression and something mind boggling
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Thanks a lot!
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beautiful Subhajit....
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Many Thanks Dear

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