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Love is not insane

It is just a plain game

For some it exist

From head to toe

For others it never

Makes the show

It demand total trust

Faith comes in priority first

For some people like me

Who can never stop brain

We never do fit in loves frame

But for that love is not

To be blamed

With query always

In my mind

I never understand

Loves blind faith

But all this is set aside

I saw sparkle in lovers eyes

Their hands holding each other

Their smile each others treasure

I believe in loves stake

For humanities existence sake

For those who are in love

It’s valentine day

And for all others like me

Celebrate life every day……

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liked it.....sensible and true :)
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beautifully written...
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very well written
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Nice one .....
;)  ;-) :-)
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Thank u so much Friends.... Truly overwhelmed by such wonderful response

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