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No matter how small I am,
I will always keep you and your priority high upon me..
No matter how weak I am,
I will always hold your hand whenever you need me.
No matter how ugly I am,
I will make your life beautiful ,
No matyer how irresponsible I am,
I will take care of you I promise .
No matter how dry I am,
I will always keep you safe in my heart,
No matter how hard I am to handle,
I will always keep you happy...
No matter how many options I will get,
I will keep you my only priority,
No matter how deep anyone love you,
But Nobody is going to love you the way I do...
You will See...
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That's so sweet :)
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nicely written...
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lovely poem....
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Thanks dear jacqueline
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Thanks Gurjyot Bhai
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Thanks Priya :)
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The most loveliest poem on love I have ever read!!!!
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aww thanks dear Pranayee

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