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Every morn I cross your lane

Just to see your angelic face

I proceed with slow pace

While crossing your abode

So as to perceive your

Sweet melodious flow


My universe dissolves in your glance

And time stand still like in trance

For you I am just a passerby

But you are my world I cannot deny


My presence never matters to you

But it’s for you whatever I do

I know you are from different realm

But for me you are my only dream


Someday you will be back to paradise

The heavenly abode for your design

I know you won’t even think of me

But you will always be my deity supreme…………..

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beautiful Ankita....

Keep writing....
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lovely poem...
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Appreciate a lot ...... thank u
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Thank u so much .........means a lot
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So lovely..........:)
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Thank u so much Friend

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