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Name me a thing that would just sound perfect
To your ears where dazzling pearls smile in coy...
As you love the trick I use to play
The magic in your hairs, while making messy curls.

Tell me, in which language should I make you realize
The depth of the ocean, its infinite stretch
Where flames of desire, those surging flames
Keep burning me like the fiery Rome of centuries and decades.

I beg of you, let's not just play this silly game
Of butterfly illusions and bee dancing language...
Let's open up like oysters of equitable weather
And unleash those pearls that sparkle as those studs.

Please, Darling! I repeat, time's an imposter,
Whose sleek and quiet arrival shall soon surpass
Like the days and months as our skin shall tarnish,
And finally we'll be the garnished dishes for blind worms.

So tell me, in what expression shall I express
The bottomless love that I behold in myself
Oh, no! Tis' bottomless, not as empty as the dead shell
My love can echo through lightyears, I swear, it's a mere distance!

Dear, I beg of you, name me with your name
Let me not be at service, let me be your merciful angel
Your saviour, the chariot, to snatch you from dreadful hands of death
Name me that one thing that shall make you elated!

©® Subhajit
10:51 PM
commented by cute n beautiful poem...
Filled with love n emotions
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Thanks a lot Dear!
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beautiful poem...
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Thanks a bunch!

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