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It was Diwali 2016, and Kabir was too busy with project work and was unable to get leaves approved for diwali

Simran, “You can't even manage a leave on Diwali and I took 5 days leave , all waste”

She said with a loud voice and angry tone

Kabìr,”Simran, I am sorry plz… Understand”

Simran,”Yes, yes for you job comes first , for you client comes first , for you celebrating Diwali with office colleges comes first, simran pack diwali nasta for office guys , mind well this time no diwlai nasta as no leave “

She said and Kabir took a deep breathe and silently walked

It was Diwali day, Simran woke up early prepare delicious snacks and had with Kabìr during tea time

Kabìr ,”Simran, I am sure I am gonna make you smile and make this Diwali a special”

Simran ,”Of course with out you it is “ with a SACARSTIC smile she said

Kabir went to pet shop and bought a Labra puppy for her, as she is crazy for dog's and specially Labra breed.

He wrapped it in basket and kept in front of her door and hide himself after running bell.

Simran came out and saw puppy wrapped in basket along with a card in which it was written

“This will make you smile isn't it “?

She suddenly took out her cell and called Kabìr,

As usual Kabìr being careless kept his phone on ringer mode and as she called she caught him standing behind the door.

Kabìr was happy to see her smile and as Kabìr went to hug her;

Kabìr,” e hello !!! No hug no kiss for me??”

Simran,” e hello hello!! Hug and kiss you get daily ok, pillu came just now , go now bring food na.:: “

While bringing pedigree for Pillu

Kabìr thought,

“I wished I would have gifted her soft toy rather then the live version”

Simran,” not now my pillu (name of Labra) is hungry afterwards , go and being pedigree for Pillu”

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very well written...
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aww...thats sweeet!!!!!
aapne sachi me aisa kiya bhiyaa
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Thanks Gurjyot
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Nahi re Ritia, it's just a thought
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i knw well..bhiya...:):):)

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