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A dark place so, so far from home, no way to return, not ever, not now.

Aliens are here, soon they will attack and then what will happen?

The lucky ones will be killed. We have our weapons, our pulse rifles, laser cannons and so many other dealers of death.

The first attack came and we beat them back but only just. Half of our side was killed but we held and drove them back.

Now our ammo is low and we know we have no escape. ****! Here they come again!

So swift and agile, we are nothing in comparison. Our guns open up, red-hot laser fire, pulse blasts that blind the eyes, crazy noise.

As the enemy overwhelm us the firing stops. A final laser cannon flashes through the night, some aliens are hit but so many come through our lines. Why did I volunteer for this?

Now one is close to me, he can sense me, see me, wants me. I fire and blow him away. More are lunging for me. Oh, please God, don’t let me die like this…

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