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Year 2016 started with the joy happiness.
It was amazing.
I'm so happy with my life but i don't know baddest days was coming in my life.
My life was just spoiling.
Everyday i was living with dying inside.
Many days i felt that it is better to die instead of living with broken heart and dying daily.
2016 year started with best moments of my life but ending with worst moments,worst memories.
The wrost things happened to me,about which i never think also in my dreams.
I don't understand what was happening to me,why happening with me.
I think i will be mental between this things happened to me.
In the end of year 2016 it is wrost year for me ever in the end.
Right now i feel There is no meaning to live this life but hope this New Year give me new reason to live.
To many bad things happened to me in year 2016,i hope new year brings me something good in my life and come with joy happiness so i can live this life for my family....
God I'm struggling to live my life,dying inside so please make this year Happy New Year for me....
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nice one....
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Nice lines.....
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Thanks Gurjyot & Pranayee....
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very good Chinmay....
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Thanks Priya....
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offcourse......nya saal ekdum jhakas jayega... :) :) :)
dont get upset by last year....enjoy the 2k17
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Thanks Ritika....ya hope so....

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