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As I sit here drinking my coffee I think back

to the other times that I’ve had coffee.

Thinking of the people I shared one with.

Who were they, where are they now?

There was a writer friend I once knew.

We talked books, life and how we’re the same

to everybody else over a coffee at Sainsbury’s.

Her legacy to me is Word of the Day.

I read every single word and learn its meaning.

And someone whom I should never of met.

A gal from a distance away who caused me such stress.

I never knew such falling outs nor rows or conflict.

She drank vanilla latte with chocolate shavings on top.

She wasn’t minted to ****!

What of that lithe little lady with the witty personality?

She really adored me and always beheld me, in a good way.

Urged me to always take care, no matter what.

Her husband didn’t approve of our friendship.

Maybe he should have had coffee with us so we could talk?

Not to forget all the others I wanted to have a brew with.

Sometimes an innocent drink to chill over.

Other times a seductive one to have my way with them.

Varied reasons varied people now gone where?

Do they remember me when they drink their coffee?

Now I’m in Manila and I drink mine.

Enjoying Nescafe Blend and Brew as I write this.

And think how good it is that we all like coffee.

Good coffee not the decaf crap served by wannabes!

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