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Rain in my Life

It is the season of Romance!

It is the season to feel the aroma of nature,

See that greenery with eyes; eat the warm food to feel the season.

Yes, it’s the season of Rain.

She is the rain in my Life,

At times she is soft and showers love on me like dew drops of rain.

At times she is silent, just cuddle me without saying any words, like the dark clouds that gather in the sky and does not rain.

If I make mistake she gets angry like the thunder in the sky, killing the silence around me after her thunder; like rain in thunder her words go hard to me.

No one likes the thunder rain, isn’t it?

After the thunder rain; it’s silent everywhere, I remain calm after her thunder.

I am waiting for the next bright sunrise to see her calm and beautiful.

The next day there is a beautiful sunrise with a rainbow, she wakes up like the sunrise and her smile is like a rainbow to me.

As the rain drops are crystal clear our relationship is same as rain drops.

Heart speaks the feelings of love when you are away,it feels your absence while you are away,

Like the rain drops you listen. I feel your heart feel my vibrations too.

I want this rainy night to do the magic! And surprise me with my rain of life.

To hug you, feel you, lock you, for now ever and ever….and ever…

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lovely poem... liked it...
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Thanks gurjyot

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