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I'm feeling weak, but thinking strong.

It seems like this was the same roller coaster all along.

The same song is playing over and over.

To what end it seems it'll never be over.

Just as the day seems its darkest, light from the clouds appears.

The light at the end of the tunnel settles my fears.

I stand strong in the face of adversity; I know through it all I've gained diversity, I'm not the same little boy I once was.

I have grown up no more peach fuzz.

I have a beard as a sign of the triumph.

Although I'm high, it's not high enough.

I want to shoot past the stars; I want to say hello to Mars.

The days roll tide.

Can't run from it or hide.

It comes for us all not matter the person.

To be afraid of it will only worsen.

The anxiety of just being alive presents the perfect breeding grounds for fear to thrive.

"You can't" is the biggest lie; you can do anything if you try.

No wings but I still can fly so high in the sky.

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very well written... :)
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well penned....

Welcome to YoAlfaaz :)

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