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"I am super-excited."

"So am I, Goa, here we come."

Jayanta and Sonali packed their bags for honeymoon the following month after they were legally married. Their honeymoon trip was arranged to Goa and they couldn't wait to reach the destination. As the couple reached the booked hotel, they freshened up to leave for their tour.

On the last day of their trip, both went for a walk along the shore near to their hotel. As they enjoyed the view of the calm sea, the cold breeze and the soothing afternoon eembraced them as they sat on one of the benches and gossiped about their life, their meeting and about the trip.

"It has been a beautiful trip, isn't it?!", asked Sonali.

"Yes, full of fun and frolic. Sona, I feel so happy that we were here together. You know, I had been once to a similar place of Goa with Suhani. It was a surprise that I had planned for her. When we reached there, she was so angry to know it was a sea and not mountains that I lost myself. We fought for the entire day and couldn't enjoy for a single minute. I had been planning to visit this place all alone but then you came in my life. The very first day, when I saw you at the train, I was completely engrossed in your beauty. As I started being with you, I knew that anybody who would become your partner would be the luckiest man alive. Look, destiny destined us to be together and now I am that lucky man!"

Sonali grabbed Jayanta's hand and kissed on his cheeks. She whispered in his ear, "I love you Joy." Jayanta smiled back and brushed his lips on hers as they engrossed in a deep kiss. The two then watched the sun set in the sea. The sky became even more red as it witnessed their love, their desire and their urges.


"Wake up, Papa. It is time for sunset. Shall we not go to meet Mum?!"

Jayanta had fallen asleep. He woke up as his daughter pushed him with her soft soft hands. He washed his face and dressed his daughter. Gradually, they walked down the sandy lanes. When they were closer to shore, the little girl ran to occupy the bench where they sat everyday and watched the sea during sunset. Jayanta sat beside her and she tightly grabbed the hands of her father.

"Papa, what did you tell Mum on that day?", the cute doll cooed.

Jayanta narrated the entire story once again. They had made it a habit of repeating the same story everyday when they were at the beach. The sun gradually sank in the horizon of the sea and the birds flew back to their homes. Joy felt something rubbing its face in his sleeves. He looked at it. It was the baby girl. She wept like everyday and covered her face in her dad's hand.

"Why are you crying my Darling? What has happened to you?", Jayanta asked his girl, pulling her in his lap.

"Why did Mummy leave me alone? Will she never come back?", she sobbed.

"Dear, I told you right? Good people become stars soon. She meets you every day from dusk to dawn, at home and over here. Keep watching the sky, once the sun sets, your Mum's gonna be here!"

The sun had set and dusk had fallen. Gradually, it was evening and the  blanket of stars lit the sky. Jayanta showed his daughter all the stars and pointed at one of them, "Look there is your Mum. Say Hello to her." His voice choked. He felt like crying but couldn't as his daughter was completely dependent on her. It had been five years since Sonali had passed away. She met an accident on her way back from the boutique. There had been severe wounds and no chance for her to fight the odds. Their daughter was of two years by then. Before leaving everybody, Sonali's last wish was to show her daughter those places in Goa every year during the time when they had planned for their honeymoon. Jayanta was just doing his duty.

For Jayanta, those four years which he had spent with Sonali were enough to spend the rest of his life. He didn't want to forget her, neither could anybody replace her. He and his daughter were the world for each other which was spun around Sonali. Neither of them wanted to let her go. Jayanta held her daughter in his arms. She was still weeping. He looked above and murmured, "Why Sonali, why did you do this to us? Why God! Why did she have to go?" In some time he heard somebody whisper from behind in that evening. He looked back but found nobody. He turned around and kissed the cheeks of her daughter, wiping all her tears. He again heard that whisper. The voice was familiar. This time he distinctly heard it say, "I love you Joy. I miss both of you."

©® Subhajit
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great end and the overall story is excellent...
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Thank you very much for reading :)
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super amazing.....
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Many Thanks Dear :)

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