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Both the families gathered at the drawing room of the Mukherjees. The family priest of the Mukherjees was thoroughly searching for something in his books and paraphernalia. Sonali sat on a chair surrounded on all her three sides by her family. The Mukherjees sat close to the priest, trying to figure out his moves. Jayanta stood at one corner with his brothers who were busy pulling his leg. Jayanta was raged but was out of ideas. Sonali didn't speak to him since the family had pulled both of them together and began scolding the two. She didn't even glance at him since then. They needed to talk but Jayanta couldn't do anything right then.

After reading all his manuscripts, the priest had found a solution. He suggested the family to get the two married the following day with a small function. Since the two had already married each other, seperating the two to get them re-married won't do any good. Although the two families wanted a familiar tie, they weren't expecting it to happen in this way. It was a matter of prestige and respect. The two being quite prosperous had rivals who would release the news anytime if they get to know it. So the decision was taken of getting the two married the following day. However Sonali had to stay at the house of the Mukherjees to avoid any uncongenial circumstance. The Hazras agreed to stay that night with their daughter in the guest room. Sonali couldn't dare to utter a single word in front of so many new faces. Jayanta's mother left the conversation with a gloomy face in the middle. Jayanta stood all alone as others departed to their rooms after the serious session.


"I need to talk to Sonali. This can't happen. There has been a misunderstanding! Gosh! She is not picking up the call.", scorned Jayanta.

"Kissu korar nei Joy(There is nothing that you can do Brother). You have to marry her. Baba won't change his mind. Neither would those Hazras. This Sonali is too cunning, Man!", replied Jayanta's brother, Subhash.

"It is not her fault Bhai. I gave her this idea. It was all my fault. I thought I could help her. God! This has become a mess!"

"Jai hok, you think and decide what would you like to do. Tell me if I can help. We all are here for you, Joy." Subhash told as he departed.

Jayanta planned to call Sonali for a chat, hiding from everyone. His siblings agreed and tried their best to help him out but Sonali was stubborn. She managed to escape all of them and left a small piece of paper in one's hand which stated that she was sorry. On the following day, Jayanta was dressed in a typical bridal costume for the wedding. He reached at their old temple, welcomed by Sonali's Mother. Sonali, dressed in red vanarasi and gold, sat on a wooden seat with her face veiled by betel leaves. The priest kept chanting the wedding spells as one after another, all the rituals were fulfilled. Jayanta was upset with Sonali who didn't even look at him for once. She could have rejected the wedding but she didn't. He couldn't deny as he was already stuck and feared if his rejection would put him in trouble. The wedding was completed. It had been night when the newly wed couple was welcomed home. The Hazras then left for their home. Since it was Kaalratri, the two were given separate rooms to rest. Both of them silently went to bed.

Early in the morning on the day after their marriage, Jayanta went inside Sonali's room. She had been encircled by women who were laughing and gossiping with her. She was equally participating in the conversations. Jayanta was shocked to see her laughing.

"Has she gone mad or what? Why is she laughing?" Jayanta spoke, "Sonali, could you please come here for some time? We have something to talk."

All the ladies turned towards him. They started laughing. Sonali hopped out of the bed and approached her groom with a gallant smile.

"Yes, am listening."

Jayanta grabbed her hands and pulled her out of the room. He took her to the terrace. He was already in no mood to joke and her laughter fired him too much.

"What was all that? Why were you laughing? You know what has happened, right? Are you mad? What will happen to me? What are you trying to do? How can you take this so lightly?"

Sonali heard him for a while and replied, "Listen, I am just acting to be happy. I couldn't do anything to stop this wedding. So, I won't do anything to mess once again."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I have a plan. And this time you will follow me. The plan is that we have to act happy and pleased as a married couple. Only then can I return to Mumbai with you and reach out for my ambitions. Once we are back to Mumbai, we will get divorced and explain to our parents about the problems. No one would get to know that we were lying. Simple! So please stop acting crazy and think rationally, if you don't do this, your parents won't let you return to Mumbai and handle your family business over there. You will have to be here with me for the rest of the life which I don't want. So cheer up and smile, we have to end what we have begun. Kichu bujhle Mukherjee Babu? (Did you get anything, Mr. Mukherjee?)"

Jayanta had been listening carefully. He liked the idea. It would let them return easily and live their normal lives again. That's what he wanted! He agreed to be happy and act like a happily married man. This was becoming intense! He could adjust with this act for a better tomorrow with his beloved, Suhani who might have been waiting for him at their apartment.

©® Subhajit
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Tie is getting stronger...Waiting to know what will happen next.
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going nice...
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Thanks Mam. The story is about to end. :)
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Many Thanks for reading :)
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story taking an interesting turn....good
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Hahaha Yea, Thank you!

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