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As Duronto hurried to Howrah, all the passengers crowded the gates to depart. Jayanta and Sonali collected their bag and baggage and stood close to the door. Neither of them exchanged a word until they stepped on the platform.

"So that's the plan, right?"-asked Sonali.

"Yes, you stay right here. I will go and meet my parents and make an excuse to leave for the hospital. On the way, I shall meet you right under the giant clock in the old platform. We will meet your parents and then I shall leave for my house. Ok?"-Jayanta replied.

"Yes. Hey, listen don't forget to buy the conch bangles and vermilion on your way."

"I will arrange it. We need proofs to show as well. We will find a temple and click some pictures, don't worry."

Jayanta and Sonali kept walking as they discussed about their moves. Suddenly, somebody pulled Sonali by her hand. She was about to yell when she saw it was Jayita, her childhood friend. Both of them freaked out seeing each other after a long time.

"What's up? Where have you been? Couldn't you come and attend my wedding?"

"Sorry, Missed it. You know, busy with internship. Hey, where's your husband? And why are you here all alone?"

"I was returning from shopping. Hubby's at work." Jayita replied. She noticed Jayanta. "Who's he?Your boyfriend? Hubby? You got married?!"

"Arre, nah! Never! Don't freak out! He is just a friend. Jayanta, meet my bestest buddy Jayita. Jayita, this is Jayanta, a photographer."

Both greeted each other. They tittled and tattled for a while and parted ways. Jayanta and Sonali began discussing again about the plan. Just then, her phone rang. Sonali received the call. It was her mother. She thought of lying about the delay of the train but before she could say anything, with a grave tone her Ma spoke, "The train has arrived at the right time. Without wasting anytime, get into the car. Our chaffeur is waiting at the parking."

"What the f***! The driver is here! This is bad, very very bad."

"Crap, your parents are psycho. The plan has to be changed. Think think..."

Both began biting their nails. They were busy thinking. Jayanta broke the silence.

"Listen, let's go together. On the way, I shall meet my parents and we will plan the rest on our way."

"Driver ke ki bolbo?(What to say to the driver)"

"Let me handle it", Jayanta took the lead.

Sonali blankly agreed. However, managing the driver wasn't that easy. He was indeed a crooked one. In the beginning he avoided their requests. After lots of oiling and bribery, he agreed to be blind. The car drove for Jayanta's house at Rajarhat. Unfortunately, Sonali's parents had also shifted to the same place as the driver informed them. She was scared to death. Jayanta told her not to freak out. On their way, there was a Vaishnavi Devi temple. The car stopped there as the two went inside. They returned with a different look on their faces. Sonali wore conch bangles on her hands and had smeared vermilion on her forehead. They were all set to act. The car speeded again.

As the car reached near Rajarhat, Jayanta directed the driver towards his house. In no time, they reached the destination. Jayanta came out of his car. He ordered Sonali to stay inside and follow whatever they had planned. Sonali was fidgeting and sweating profusely but she reconfirmed to hold together. Jayanta left for his house. Sonali sat like a frozen prey. Her phone rang again. It was her dad. She was trembling to pick it up but dared to pick it up.

"Hello, Baba?", she questioned feebly.

"Why is our car standing near my business partner's house?"

The question thundered on her. She didn't know what he meant!

"What do you mean?"

"I can see it standing right outside the building of my business partner, Mr. Mukherjee. Did the driver forget our house?"

"That was a bad move. Did he just say Mukherjee?!" Sonali felt nauseous. She held herself together and replied,

"Emni. Just like that. I wasn't feeling well so I told him to park somewhere. He brought it here."

"Very good!", Her father seemed elated.

"What?", Sonali felt like dying.

"Very clear. Just step out of the car and get in, we are inside the house. What a telepathy! Your in-laws can have a first look of yours. There was no one in the house as well. Come on. We will have a chat here. Your groom is also going to be here any minute. He is Jayanta, Jayanta Mukherjee. A hobbyist photographer, a businessman settled at Mumbai. I am so happy Dear. Let me inform the family", Her father ended the call with joy.

Sonali was stiffened. She couldn't feel her arms and legs. She was pale and white. Did her father just say, Jayanta, the one who was going to pretend to be her husband! Sonali couldn't move. All her emotional instincts had vanished. Only one thought was working in her mind, what the hell was happening!

©® Subhajit
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Unexpected twist !interesting and shocking...
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Too good! Well done!
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Thanks a lot Mam. You have helped me a lot. :) Regards.
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Thanks Mam. :)
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your story just got interesting... :D
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Hahah Thanks
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really interesting....good
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:) :) Thank you :)

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