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Yes, you, too, can be a hero/heroine,
A leader who guides the nation,
And a person who is a valid inspiration,
Not every day is perfection personified,
For, indeed, today your sun may not be the brightest,
Nor will your usually sparkling stars be twinkling,
As all situations around you appear dull and desultory,
Redeeming hope seems to be diminishing and ebbing,
However, you have read so far, now take heart!
You can re-emerge from your self-imposed dark shadows,
And once again stand tall, firm and resolute,
As you gird your loins to take on life’s tumultuous challenges,
As you traverse and saunter along life’s journey,
Be ready to slough off life’s pessimism and negativities,
As you take on a challenge to face the world optimistically,
As you resolve not to give up nor to give in,
But to give it all you’ve got with heady determination,
You don’t have to be a `wet blanket’ lousy loser,
But you can be a sanguine winner clinching opportunities,
Launch yourself on the throes of scintillating success,
Where hope supersedes and vanquishes cowardice,
You can be an ardent catalyst for change not chagrin,
To make the world a beautiful and enchanting place,
Brace yourself to emerge triumphant and unscathed,
Evolving into a heartening hero, not a zombie zero,
I am game, are you?
By Miss Heera Nawaz, Bengaluru.
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one of the best poems on YoAlfaaz :)
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Priya, thank you so much for your comment. You made my day! Happy that viewers and readers actually read the poems!

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