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The hurting rubber band on my hand, 
Can tell how much I wanna miss you! 
Your name in my signature, 
Can tell how much you are filled in me! 
My controlling smile, 
When I look at you, can tell how much I wanna ignore, Your image as my reflection 
Shows how mad I am about you! 
Any noise transforming into your voice, 
Shows how much I think about you! 
My reddish - big eyes, 
Shows how long I can wait. 
The black wet stains on my pillow 
Is the measure of how much you ignored me. 
My pink lips crushing under my teeth, 
Says how much I'm irritated! 
Thinking of you sixty times a minute, 
Shows my incapability to forget you! 
Your name reflecting on every piece of my broken heart, 
Says who is residing inside that! ! !

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