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The sun glimmers so far away;

The moon glows closer- yet still distant

The fire burns brightest where I stay,

But to feel the warmth of eons today

Refreshing and so different;

Is a price I can't manage to pay!

Upon decades of reflection I have bed

Towards centuries of warmth- now

For millenniums of darkness I have fled

The era of shadows still lays ahead;

The epochs of light disallow

Passage of books all have read.

I set sail towards the big red star

Facing astonishing winds, I lift the anchor.

Years pass yet I’m still too far-

And the gentle winds, so careless they are

And careless indeed, I asked to go faster

Betray, Beware, Believe the scar,

I see, I feel, I taste the wave

I hear a myriad splashes decorating the hull

I can smell the danger that I so crave

This rugged trail that I shall pave;

Risks express, exceedingly colourful

This very passage I must engrave.

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wow! what an amazing piece of writing....

Welcome to YoAlfaaz :)
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Much thanks priya, Glad you liked it !

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