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Its all about the ending most of you've been faced by this time In your life once.
Have you ever been feel while watching a movie that no it's not gonna end like this and what have been doing when it ends.
Just like i love her and she loves me..
In my dreams too she comes alternating days and she reminds me of keeping distance from being loved anyone because I've reached at a point in my life that i cant loose anyone in my life now.
I've left with not much friendship tales.
I'm boring
I'm getting exhausted
I'm a home lover
I'm not a good type of a guy
I'm unable to love
I'm trying to be a mumma's boy

Lets not chase this.
In the end there always not a happy ending though but we keep smiling like an idiot and thinks that nothing happens
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superb post... very nice...
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great one dear...
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Me to todi fan hu...
Nice...thinking....loed it a lot n a lot
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Thanks gurjyot
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Thanks priya
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Aapka bohot bohot shukriya Ritika...

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