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Joey reefed his Ghost Fiat Panda into a vertical climb.

G-force pushed him down into his seat.

He gripped the leather steering wheel.

His eyes narrowed and glared thru his Head Up Display.

Then he triggered his laser cannons.

Zap went the pretty green rays.

Boom went the enemy Neo Soviet Su-35.

Rolling off to one side, he avoided the debris.

Another Super Flanker saw him and dove.

Joey weaved his GFP and increased speed.

The 1 liter engine screamed and morphed into more.

It became an alien plasma drive.

It fed a small bonnet mounted gun.

This spoke once and nailed the enemy jet.

And popped back down under the bonnet.

Morph over and the sky was clear.

Joey relaxed and held the chest straps of his five point harness.

With a pop he opened a Blue Mule beer.

It suddenly appeared in his hand.

He nodded in satisfaction and drank.

On the radar scope a dozen more jets danced.

I'll kill you all after my beer, Joey commented.

He barrel rolled and changed course.

The GFP changed colour from red to black.

It was war time and Joey was all muzzled up...

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