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Life is like a stone.
Relentless and hardhearted, outside
But a storehouse of chemicals from inside.
Wherever blown,
creates a path for its own.
Alike human life..
Where destiny is the tour guider.
And we are the nomads.
Where pebbles are the flamboyance, equipping us in.
And the Rock is a stern, austere creature, trying to split kins, Hmm?

A stone is a mere miscellanea of multiple chemicals,
But a human life is a melange of undefined paths and deceiving tentacles.
Debacles and miracles.
Love and lust.
Detestation and admiration.
Broken hearts and mistaken identities.
Connectedness and magnanimity.
And a gargantuan galaxy of inexpressible emotions and thoughts, associations and vendettas,
Beyond the reach of the web of our knowledge.
That's human life.
Pensive but worth experiencing.
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yes....human life is worth an experience....
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superb post... very nice...

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