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I wish, I will meet you one day.
On that day, I'll tell you everything,
that's what, I try to say each and every day.

I wish, I will find real you one day.
On that day, I'll see in your eyes,
You will see in my eyes so that nothing can hide.

I wish, I will see your smile one day.
On that day, I'll capture that moment,
I might never get that prettiest thing again.

I wish, I will hug you one day.
One that day, I'll talk to your heart,
and make it feel what I have been feeling for so long.

I wish, I will be with you one day.
On that day, I'll sleep on your lap,
Dying with you is better then crying for you.

~I wish~
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touched....loved it!
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Thanks Ptiya
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Poignant and beautiful..
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Thanks Tanisha
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beautifully written...
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Thanks gurjyot singh!!

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