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**I'll hold on**
give me pleasure of heart
and handful of smile.
I promuse, I'll stop running.
I'll hold on.
unfold my heart and
blooms inside my pond
and make it currentful..
I promise.. I'll stop thinking.
I'll hold on.
guide me along the roads
and twilight hour.
Don't let my sun set,
cause i wanna drive.
I promise , I'll stop falling.
I'll hold on.
stand by me for more,
with an aim,
be my home guest.
I call you.
I promise, I'll stop thinking.
I'll hold on.
touch my aching feet and
blisters of desert.
Pain swirling in my hollow eyes.
Sit with me for once.
I promise, I'll stop crying.
I'll hold on.
Give me your spirit.
That's what it takes
to make me breatheful.
I promise, I'll stop fearing.
I'll hold on.
7:59 am
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great thought.....
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Thanks dear .these days busy  cant write beautifully
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who said that? You write beautifully....and moreover, a writer having a beautiful heart always write beautiful.... :D :D
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yes my dear ....yes....
A writer writes with a beautiful heart.
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THe poem is so sweet..loving sii... :) :)
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amazing write-up...

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