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Every writing personal in this world has a dream to publish a book at an international publishing platform like Lulu by support of any international poet who has support and direction for the other one indeed.
I know there are anthologies today, combine poetry works and many different genres of poetry done at globalised efforts, But if A poetry collection of three writer is published together, It shall not be recognised as Anthology, but It'll be a book to be remembered for Someone who is A 22 years old to do so for very long time, But before discussing about the same, Let me visit another flash back indeed.
It wasn't easy to present myself in front of the global community though. There was no doubt that there is a place in world which I sometimes call my second home due to the public response I have in that country and I got my success there as well, But before talking and making impact are different issues and so A specific plan was required for a better platform.
A vision of my poetry was in creation already as I was posting in International forums now, But I had no idea that the social media power might lead me to a dream come true which was a long journey ahead, From being a common social personal to an international writer- which was done through course and development of my poetry writing indeed-
However, I am very nicely reminded of my days in working with another online website, beforehand, known as Tallenge, where I did post some nice poems and as well as got awesome response of readers in large numbers, which boosted more high performable in my writing style; IN few days through support of Ananya madam I was able to become a better poet than I was earlier renowned to be and those were nice days for me in early poetry sessions-
One thing which most excited me all in all Meanwhile was the trip to Manila in October 2015, I was surprised to hear from my travel unit of the Asiatic Society of Mumbai that I will have to present a paper in a country which was second home to me. Up to that time, I had already got respect and happy memories in Philippines through support of social media, thus this seminar in manila added a boost up and from there onward after my poetry at the entertainment session helped me to boost myself at a higher stage-
Thus, all in all meeting with Jimmy Boom sir on face book this 2016 added chimes to the moon, when we both started writing poems together. We expressed our views on the global presence of powers including American elections, Russian bombardment in Syria, May's charge as Prime Minister in Britain, Floods in India and some more natural aspects such as Earthquake in Nepal, Tsunami of 2004 of India and so on. Jimmy sir kept editing the errors I possessed briefly in my poetry skills and guided me through to attain such high level at large, which became an excellent platform for me once we both started moving along for making of our first Combine effort indeed-
IN this way, It was neither an anthology and nor an individual work; finally, on 12th of August, Jimmy sir informed me that the Book has published. It was a dream come true for a visually challenged person like me to hear my book published at last at international online platform known as Lulu itself, Thus My journey finally reached international recognition at last for my relief and belief both-
There are lot of formalities to be done yet to reach more heights through this book, The promotion and form filling for some international formalities will go on, But all in all The support of some great people helped me to reach such heights- I shall always remember their support, I hope they stand behind me always and I am more proud on them rather than me to help me reach this high top in journey of Poetry writing...
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good one Saurabh....keep writing!

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