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It wasn't before 2006 that I came to know two specialised skills of evolution for Visually challenged people; However at the end of 2005 I almost lost all my vision in gradual process, Thus due to awareness of some of my father's friend circle, I was told to join a Training Centre which might help in my further development, Thus in The beginning of 2006, I joined the same finally knowing Braille and JAWS at last indeed.
When I started learning Braille, I came across the patterns in which Braille writing did develop around India, But I ignored the facts of it's evolution and trends all across the world- The only fact remained to me that As Louise Braille did something extraordinary, I wish to do it and I shall write accordingly to develop properly in future either through social work or through writing inclusively-
Once, I learnt Braille, finding it's proper segmentation across the Visually Challenge School became next challenge fore me, However the process was more helpful to me for my future fiction writing as I used to write Pokémon cards in Braille to evolve through Braille’s high level, But Once I got admission in Model School in Dehradun, Then my journey to search scope of my development ultimately began at large.
Yet, winning Braille competitions can be the part of that segmentations, But I started writing notes on certain issues I like and started wondering about their positions in Poetry which is what I have done in my first international book though, But one challenge remained for me for very long segment of my development which was How to introduce my new presentations to my community or other communities later on, thus today if I succeed with my first international book, I shall finally convince myself that I did rise from struggle to development indeed.
Meanwhile, I was increasing my sensibility for Braille, I was also gradually trying to assist with JAWS (Job Access With Speech) which is a screen reader software designed for Visually Challenged people by Freedom Scientific (A company of America), which help us to utilise ourselves in computer through catching it's voice and focus on it's accessibility across it's curser in the monitor.
I realised later on it's strength and vast majority and frequency for writing skills for Any visually challenged person who types on Computer, once I entered inclusive field till today where I used computer for all my writing efforts which include in all genres, Thus I can call the software to be the part of my success and evolution in writing;
However in my school days I only learnt the basics of Software and stuck to the particular functionality at large, so I can in future utilise it as the means of my skills which I found at the beginning of My matriculation when I was equally skilled in editing tasks given to me by the software instructor, Thus through guidance of Devesh sir in past, I was finally able to exercise use of basics for my own goodwill through the support of the software indeed.
IN this way, I sought both techniques helpful and instructive to decipher my interests in writing, Thus When I reached twelfth class in my Visually Challenged school, I was able to channel my writing in both, Thus I utilised Braille for poetry writing at that time and gave focus of typing randomly in computer as well; Thus the effect of Braille Slate and Braille with the combine proceedings of Typing in computer grew a poet in me which I had thought of becoming in my early inclusive school days when I had faced loss of Vision Impairment which is now a blessing rather than a challenge indeed...
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just amazing bro... nice one...
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Very impressive....
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too good....amazing

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