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I looked at her,
She looked at me too.
She never loved me,
This I never knew.

She smiled,
I smiled too.
She never liked me,
This I never knew.

I talked to her,
She talked to me too.
It was just a cordial relationship,
This I never knew.

I had her picture in my heart,
She had mine too.
I was surrounded by others,
This I never knew.

I always admired her,
She admired me too.
On her side, it was only affection,
This I never knew.

Though she loves me not,
My love for her is true.
My one sided love will always be there,
Even if she finds no clue.

One Sided Love
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Lovely post... Very nice
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Beautiful composition.....
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Thanks a lot friends
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very well penned Vicky...keep going

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