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Dedicated to all my lovely friends out there. This is my offering to them this friendship day:

You met me,
We got to know each other.
We talked,
 You became a part of me.

I never knew,
This cute relation,
Will soon become,
One of the best in the world.

You call me stupid,
I call you crazy.
You never mind,
I don’t retaliate.

We do things,
We really mess them up.
But we always,
Always make a way out of it.

You and me,
We are partner in crime.
When we are caught,
We just laugh at our foolishness.

Our stories,
They are way beyond this world.
They say stop,
We love to roll.

We fight, we have arguments,
Our battles are known by one and all.
We reconcile,
And the world rejoices.

However silly we are,
Whatever mistakes we make.
I know and you know,
We will be ‘FRIENDS FOR LIFE’.

Friends for Life
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beautifully done and happy friendship day @Vicky Prajapati :)
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so true.....and nice
happyyyy to you too.....
most loving relation #friendship
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Thanks a lot guys... U are truly nice people.
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Happy Friendship Day brother and I wish if I am also there in your friends list
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Happy friendship day Vicky....wonderful piece
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Beautiful write.
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Friendship is the soul of every relationship.
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Yes it truly is mam Tanisha... Thanks for reading it.

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shared Aug 4, 2015 by Meera
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