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Loosing Soul
sitting alone on high mountains
watching at the flowing water,
i need to filter my heart,
I need to fresh up my soul
from the poisonous memories.
When i drag my soul
from the clutches of the pegs.
I need to break free my mind ,
from the puddles of bubbles.
I need to knock at and to open
up the latch of my heart.
Oh!! Love filter my soul that
i can unleash millions of
butterflies under my lazy skin.
I need to make my soul float
to feel the lull,
over the water of silence.
And my heart is empty vase
with dried flowers of soul.
Free myself up!!! My lord
to feel the willed of the
defeated soul.
Let me enter into the dark brain
to feel the fluttering winged
moths of ages.
Let me be free from the frozen
to see thr brauty of crimson
Sitting here over the high
my heart is tripping now
on the signs of soul.
And I've gotten myself of my.
Those pronouns who degrade
my noun,
i freed up my soul from them.
The illusion is now vision.
In the flowing water I've floated
all my caged fears.
My soul is clear now,
my heart is pure now.
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Beautifully  written ...
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nice compo :) :)
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wow! it is so beautiful.....
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Thank you from the bottom of my heart

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