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From your clutches of narrowness
And the enclosure of sorrowness
Please let me be free
I want to be me

I wish to explore the magic of the wand
To feel the beauty of my land
To find a place to stand
As people say the world is huge and it is grand

I’ve been left alone like a statue
It was your kindness and virtue
In a barren land amidst the farm
Left behind like a soldier disarm

Your empowering attitude make me hollow
Fills my life with only sorrow
Instead wakening off the box to the sky so bright
You opened my world in the depth of an endless night

Your pride,your attitude made me fear
Separated me from the one who were near
You slay me night and the day
For the things I do and the words I say

You tried to control my word and defined it a cage
But the fire of yours can’t burn my courage
You desired name,you desired fame
And called yourself the master of the game

While doing so you forgot few
After the rains still remains the dew
After every dawn comes the dusk
And a spark is enough for your kingdom of husk

My world is not to be defined by you
I won’t let it be effected by the things you do
I won’t ever fall on my knee
I want to stand, I want to be me

And today I realised that I have all
For me to grow and the walls to fall
For the things you gave,I thank you Thee
I want To be me and I will be

It’s for the first time that the darkness faded
And I knew that the rainbow was graded
For the first time I felt my life is here
And realised that my future is this and my success is near.
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i like much.....
truely....i wannna say i hav no such that words to express this...poem...
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Thank you soo much @Ritika Gusaiwal
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such an amazing piece of writing....

Welcome to YoAlfaaz :)
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Thank you Priya :)
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Loved it alot !
Really great
Super Awesome :)
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Thank you Shivangi :)

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