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This is the third part of my series titled 'MY LESSONS': 

Once a gravel,
Went inside my shoe.
How I disliked it!
It made life miserable for me. 

Once a straw,
Penetrated my eye.
How I hated it!
My eye was swollen by the time it was out. 

Once I cut my finger,
So small a cut it was!
It became a canker sore,
And bothered me like I would die. 

Possessions and acquisition,
All our focus on them.
Trampling others’ lives,
Not caring even a bit. 

Being haugty,
Looking down on others.
Feeling as if,
There is nothing above material. 

Gravel in our shoe,
A straw in our eye, 
A cut on our finger,
Is enough to show who we are. 

Arrogant and chesty,
However we are,
Nothing stays forever,
Then why too much pride? 



The link to second part of the series

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loved it Vicky...keep going dear

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