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Ye duri mujhse sahi jae na...
Baat teri mujhse ho pae na...
Dil mai teri hi tasveer liye baitha hu...
Dua h, tere didaar se pehle maut mujhe aae na...
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Thanks a lot Priya... it's written for a special person... ;)
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Truly and perfectly describes those feelings :)
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Again thanks... :)
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Very Romantic lines :)
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Thanks a lot @Hardeep Sabharwal... :)

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Na kar tu maut aane ki baat,

Dukh tere pyaar ko bhi bahut hoga,

Intezaar kar usse milne ka tu,

Uska fal zaroor mitha hi hoga……
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Gur se bhi mitha result rha... ;)
nice reply... :)
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Thank you gurjyot :)

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