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Her eyes are lakes of beauty,
I am drowning.
She makes me go crazy,
Tell her to stop killing people. 

I was dazzled by her look,
She gave me goose bumps.
Still trying to recover,
Is there any cure for it? 

Mosaics of different colours,
Can’t compare to her cheerfulness.
The way she smiles,
Even sky embraces her assets. 

Adorable and endearing,
Mix of sweet and spicy.
She reveals the secrets,
Of the hidden beauty of nature. 

Nothing matters more,
Everything else is a formality.
She and only she,
The most beautiful creation of God. 

In the world so mean,
Her face is so calm and sweet.
She is the comfort for me,
And she is my all in all. 


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beautiful Vicky....I can improvement in your writings....lovely

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