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It was a peaceful night,
The moon was playing hide n seek,   
I walked around the garden,  
The smell of the flowers intoxicated me,          
My heart was singing my feet light,
Like as though there was nothing to worry about,
I heard a click from the gate n looked back,
Saw a man walking toward me,
I could not see his face,
But he was strong built n marching towards me,  
I sensed like he was a gallant soldier,
Coming home after winning a war,
He kept on walking n walking.
I said hello n with the sound of my voice,
I woke up to the reality it was a dream.  
Every night I dream of him walking towards me,
Each time I longed to see his face,
But I never got the chance,  
I always woke to the sound,
Of a cat crying out, a child crying hysterically,
Or the siren of a vehicle,
I could not get him out of my mind,
I became restless not knowing why,
He kept on visiting me,
I prayed to God for relief,
Last night he came  so close,
With open arms, inviting me,
I looked down to think,
Saw him turn around to leave.  
I called out "wait" n he stopped,  
He turned around said.
"I love you Cherie" n was gone.
I woke up almost crying,  
Why did he leave, was he angry,
How could I fly to his arms,
I have not seen his face,
I don't know him,  
He does not visit me anymore,
The mysterious soldier I miss you.
And the story lives on its not complete.

Mariams Poems - MW
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simply amazing...
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Very nice. Love this one
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Thank you very much
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wow....such a well written piece Mariam....the flow of words, simple and perfect flow of words
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I have always admired and appreciated the work of military. Inspiration came from their work. Thank you for your comments

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