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The splattering of rain,
Drench my soul.
How I wish,
You were with me now!

Every droplet reminds me, |
Of our moments together.
How hand in hand,
We used to walk.

We listened to the raindrops,
As they touched the ground.
It felt like heaven,
You and me together.

Sitting alone,
Resting on each other’s shoulder.
Talking endlessly,
As if there is no tomorrow.

Your touch,
And your innocent smile.
That is all I desired,
That is all I wished for.

The world stopped for me,
When you said,
You had to leave.
I longed for more.

Couldn’t you avoid it?
Couldn’t you hold on forever?
Here I am now,
Walking in this rain alone.


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Very well written...
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Written beautifully :)
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i just loved it..
i m just smiling while reading it.....not reading it but i m feeling it
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amazing Vicky....well penned
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Thanks a lot everyone for your valuable appreciation... It really feels great to have people like you around.
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Oh my god!!
It's too simple and touching.
How i say i love it.
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Thanks ever such a lot Mam Kavita Verma. It really means a lot to me.

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