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Hi guys!! I am starting a series of poems called 'MY LESSONS' which will have different experiences of my life. Here is the first part of it: 

In this cruel world,
Where everything is fake.
I want to become a person,
Who can unfake. 

I can’t pretend,
That I love people,
Neither can I,
Pretend to follow them. 

The feelings that I had,
Have all faded away.
Now I want to stay alone,
Looking for myself. 

The world taught me, 
How to survive in loneliness.
They left me on my own,
How good teachers they are! 

Maybe they were right,
I needed a lesson.
How could I learn swimming?
In a bath tub. 

They threw me,
Into the deep waters.
Frightened I was,
But came out victorious. 

Life’s bizarre,
And its’ ways are queer.
I couldn’t interpret at first,
But it is the best teacher. 

People will come and go,
Not the dead end.
Can I fall down and stand up?
This is my FIRST LESSON. 



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simple, yet an interesting one....good

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