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I have seen God in you,
You are omnipresent.
Want to experience you,
Please relieve my soul. 

I want to worship you.
Show me the temple,
Your heart resembles.
I want to pray. 

Hear my prayer!
The pieces of my broken heart,
I am leaving for you,
Only you can heal it now. 

All broken inside,
Pretending to be happy,
Looking for newer possibilities,
You are my saving grace. 

Listen to the voice!
The voice inside me,
That longs for you, 
That only you can hear. 

Do I still belong,
To the town of your love?
Or have I been deserted,
Restricted, prohibited? 

I am at your mercy now,
Your decision, my command.
So reverent a devotee I am!
Allow me to idolize you. 


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well penned....

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