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I adore the ground you walk on

I cherish every kiss

I savouir every moment

When you're gone

I sadly miss

Your too arms around me

Your whisper on my breath

Our loving ways together

Since the day we met

I found you just in time

I was out of love

Each night I prayed

I'd find a love

An angel from above

And here you are

Before me

A vision of love and grace

As elegant and beautiful

As a golden thread of lace

Your skin so soft

And tender

Your lips so proud

And prim

The sweetness of your kiss

I feel it from within

Your eyes the are like diamonds

Big and oh so brown

The feelings of your love

Your senses make me drown

And when you hold me close

And our lips they meet

I can barely stand

A quiver to my feet

So let me sink into your arms

Let love entwine us both

And on a cloud of love

We'll close our eyes and float

So make a vow to me

Promise love so true

That we will be together

Forever me and you..
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Well written, keep it up.
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really good one...
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nice one.....
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May your wish be true soon, LOVELY :)
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Beautiful,sincere and excellent writing!
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excellent lines written :)
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so loving/.
just amazing.....

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