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I have me when I am tired,
I hug my self whenever it is required,
I have me when it gets too low,
I hug my self with power that glow,

I have me when the pain grows,
I smile when the wind blows,
I hug myself when it gets harder,
I assure my dreams that they have the inner power,

I have me when i come out of fire,
I hug my self for the selfless desire,
I feel happy for what was planned,
I am grateful that my soul is now tanned,

I hug my self when I have to cry,
I have me when the eyes get dry,
I cry it out like you all do,
But I have my own self with a power of two.
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well rhymed....
"But I have my own self with a power of two."- This line has a deep meaning....loved it!
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How can oneself be a power of two ? I liked the way you have written :)
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Thank you Priya :)
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Thanks Jacqueline :)

I actually have my own self and no one else on my side and i wrote this to motivate my own self :)

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